What is IFSC Code: Best Bank Ifsc Code Search Tool

Today you will know what is IFSC code and how to search IFSC code with the help of IFSC Code Finder Tool. You will also know what is IFSC Full form.

Friends, you must have transferred money to your family or your friends online. While doing this, you will need the name of the recipient of the money, account number, and, ifsc code.

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Ifsc Code Full Form

The full form of IFSC is “Indian Finance System Code” The thing to note here is that the last letter C in IFSC means code but still some people write it as IFSC CODE which is wrong. So the next time you want to find the IFSC of a bank, just use the word IFSC and not the word IFSC CODE.

What is IFSC Code

IFSC is an 11 character code provided by the Reserve Bank of India to every branch of all Indian banks. By this code, the complete details of the branch of any bank can be found and your money reaches the right bank account as well as the right bank branch.

In the IFSC Code, the first four digits are the name of the bank followed by the fifth digit 0 and the last 6 digits indicate the code of the branch which shows where the location of that branch of the bank is. When you issue a check to someone, that person can receive the money by depositing that cheque in any bank in India because the IFSC code of your branch is written on the top of the check, so that it can be found out which branch the cheque belongs to.

What is IFSC Code: How To Search Ifsc Code In 2 Minutes

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IFSC Code Uses

By now you must have understood that what is ifsc code. let’s take a look at its use as well. If you remember, earlier you had to go to the bank several kilometers to send money. There you had to be in a long line, in which your number would come after several hours. Due to this, your precious time was wasted and some of your money was also unnecessarily spent on rental. To get rid of all the problems, the Reserve Bank of India started an online money transfer system through NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS so as not to waste your time.

Now India is a very large country and there are thousands of bank branches, so there was a need for a system that can give all banks and all bank branches a unique identity i.e. a UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION. IFSC is the solution to this problem. Now your money is always transferred to the right account and right branch and there is no chance of your money going to someone else’s account. Money cannot be transferred unless the bank account number and IFSC are correct.

How to Find Ifsc Code

You can search IFSC Code using these 3 methods.

  1. Using a website like Ajanabha Code Finder.
  2. From your Bank Passbook.
  3. From cheque book.

If you do not have your cheque book or passbook, then you can visit our website Ajanabha CODE Finder to search ifsc code where you will get the complete information of IFSC CODE, SWIFT CODE, MICR CODE as well as INDIAN POSTAL CODE. Ajanabha Ifsc code can be used to search the following things.

  • Search bank by ifsc code
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We hope you now understand that what is ifsc code and how it works. If you have any questions in your mind, please ask us in the comments, we will be happy to answer your questions. To read our articles regularly, subscribe to our Newsletter so that you can get information about our new posts by email. Thank you very much for reading this post and visiting Ajanabha.

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