Best Job Sites in India in 2021 For Job Seekers

In this article, you will know about the best job sites in India. If you are a job seeker please read this article carefully till the end.

Finding a job in India for any kind of profession can be a really difficult task nowadays. Especially during the current time of pandemic where most people lost their jobs and most companies lost their employees and went to lose. Now that the situation is slowly coming back on track, many people are looking for jobs once again. Thanks to that digitalization and many digital platforms, this task has also become less difficult.

It reduces the trouble of the candidates running here and there in this unsafe time to find a job on their feet. Now, the internet plays a really big and important part in getting people the job of their dreams regarding any profession or any position. In the current time, there is an endless website which claims to offer you a job as soon as possible, but still, sometimes candidate finds it hard to trust that which website they should look up to get the result they want. In this article, we are going to talk about the top websites for getting jobs in India.

List of best job searching sites in India


LinkedIn is one of the most popular and one of the best job searching sites in India. It is like a social media platform where you can connect with endless people regarding your profession. It’s similar to Facebook but for job finding purposes. In LinkedIn, you can sign up and make an account free of cost and make connections with people you believe will be helpful in your job hunting.

Make sure to mention full details about your education, area of interest, profession any job experience, if you have any, in your profile. LinkedIn is also very convenient for freshers who are recently graduated and looking for training or job. Due to being one of the oldest websites for job finding LinkedIn can be a great helping hand in finding your dream job.

On LinkedIn, you can

  • Use it as a search tool for a job.
  • Follow the companies you wish to join and track whether the HRs are hiring or not.
  • Make many connections and gain social proof regarding your talent and skills.
  • Have your trustable connections or former employers write you a recommendation after gaining social proof or by previously working in a company.

Join linked in groups for better exposure to the hiring world and increase your network.

One of the widest used websites by all businesses and companies to hire employees. Every day thousands and thousands of new candidates sign up to this website to get their dream job. there are still some small businesses that do not use this portal due to its lack of availability as free of cost.

Companies have to pay a good amount to buy the portal. But due to this trait, has believed to be the best job finding portal that is trustable authorized and gives the best results. this website is very convenient to use whether the employer uses it or the candidate.

Here are the top features of

  • Convenient to use: You can use the website by using your phone and computer altogether. The website even has its own official mobile application where you can register using simple steps and apply to as many companies as you want.
  • Tracking of Your Applications Status: On most websites when candidates send their resume for an interview, they don’t always receive a proper response and are often left wondering about the status whether they are considered or not. In Naukri, you can actually keep track of your application whether it is been shortlisted or not.
  • Apply to multiple jobs: You can apply to multiple jobs at a time that can provide you more and faster results. It’s time-saving convenient and much more trustworthy to use.


This US-based website is also one of the oldest and widely used job portals in the whole world. Similarly, widely used in India as well. One of the most useful features of Indeed is that it also provides the company insight along with the salary info and some reviews from the employees and workers that are working there currently or have worked there previously.

Another similarly great feature about indeed is that you can search for jobs within India as well as abroad too. Some of the benefits of using Indeed are.

  • Find and apply for jobs within India as well as outside India.
  • Free to use.
  • Can start searching for a job by filling in just job requirements and city names.
  • Immediate and authentic results.

Monsters India

monsters India is another popular and one of the oldest job portals in India which are widely used by employers and job seekers. This site is also easy to use by being available on both computers as well as on the mobile phone. one of the benefits of using monsters India is that along with the job-seeking and job posting it also provides a blog section where you can find useful tips regarding jobs job interviews resumes and job postings.

This blog section is useful for both employers and candidates and plays a huge role in providing better results and better job opportunities for employers and job seekers respectively. The website is much easier to use through the mobile application.

Some of the features of Monster India and its mobile application are:

  • You can get smart job recommendations according to your preference and the information that you feel then while registering
  • You can have the opportunity to boost your endorsement skills with the help of the other connected users of Monster India and find better job results.
  • With the help of the blogs section, you can get useful tips about searching candidates, recruitment, job seeking, resume writing, etc.
  • You can get insight into the profiles related to your job to create better connections and have a finer idea to take the next step regarding your job search.


Glassdoor is not exactly a job portal but we still decided to include it for a better job finding experience for the new candidates and job seekers. Glass door mainly a website where you can get endless reviews and ratings given by employees and ex-employees of every company. there you can look for the company you are willing to work for and get an insight of how the work environment is and how happy or unhappy the employees working there are as well as you can also get little idea about the salaries.

Glassdoor can be a really big helping hand for the candidates who are looking for a job and a good working environment. The website has an honest unbiased opinion from the employees working and also the environment is one of the most important things while doing any kind of job so this feature can be really helpful to the new candidates to get an idea about the work culture of a particular company.


These online job portals surely make your work of seeking a job much easier without unnecessary hassle. Even though the mentioned job portals have a different way of working but still there are few things that are entirely common in these job portals. And those features are Keywords and filters.

In each and every job searching portal, you will find a similarity that is searching through filters and keywords these filters will help the employers as well as the candidates to narrow down their search according to their profession, their location, their experience as well as their area of interest. This feature is extremely helpful for both employers and candidates to find the job and the candidate they are looking for faster and with more accurate results.

Even though all of the job portals are equally useful. But we filtered out some of the best job portals which can be useful for your job hunting as well as job postings for employers. We hope the article was helpful for you and you can find your dream job as soon as possible.

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