Best Online Teaching Job Sites For Teachers ( 6 Best Sites )

Are you a teacher and looking for some extra money? Here is an article about the best online teaching job sites for teachers that pays you a good income.

If you are a teacher and want to earn money online from home, then definitely read this article because it is especially for you. Today you will know the ways by which you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. At this time, due to corona around the world, there is a lock-down environment, so new ways of earning and working from home are up. If you have any art or knowledge of anything that you can teach to others, It’s the right time to start your online career as a teacher. These methods are proven and you can make money online without going for a 9 to 5 regular job.

What type of training is possible online?

  • A subject like Mathematics, English or any other subject.
  • Music, cooking, painting, etc.
  • Digital course like Photoshop, web designing, digital marketing, etc.
  • Other Fine Arts Studies.

What equipment do you need?

To provide online training, you will need a computer or laptop, a webcam, and a caller mic. You will get all these devices at a cheap price on Amazon. After all this, you have to first make people aware of your service, and for this, you can take the help of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Indian social media site Famenest.

Here is the list of popular sites where you can create your account and start providing online training as a teacher. These sites are legit and trusted by thousands of teachers and students.

Best Online Teaching Job Sites

  1. URBANPRO: This is a good site for teachers who wants to earn money online through online classes. I have earned more than a million from this site as a teacher. If you want fast results you can go for a premium membership to reach more students. If you become a premium member of this site, then you can contact the students directly and offer them to take training from you. If you go to the free plan, then you cannot see the phone number of the students, in such a situation, if any student wants, he can contact you himself.

2. FIVERR: On this site, you have to get your profile registered and you have to give details of whatever course you want to offer. Here you do not have to pay any fee, but here you may get delayed in getting results because the people who are already providing services here get more offers because there are lots of reviews on their profiles that new students believe them yes but If you take a little effort and patience, you will also get offers and once you get some good reviews.

3. INDEED: This site is very useful and good, you will get many good offers here. Create your account today and upload your profile.

4. JUSTDIAL: Just Dial is a search company in India that connects service providers to customers. Though it’s a local search engine where You can create your free profile a teacher or music classes. For daily leads, you can go for their paid plans. I had taken paid plan of just dial for a music school, we paid 15,000 Indian rupees and we got more than 3 lakh value admissions in our academy.

5. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: Google My Business is a free service where you can create your account and give information about your services. I have a business in Mumbai and I have got more than 500 customers through google my business for absolutely free.

6. Udemy: This is the best platform for teachers to find students and make money online through teaching. At Udemy you need to record your courses and sell that in digital form. The best part is that your course is sold to many people and every time someone buys your course you earn commision. At Udemy, thousands of courses are offered at discounted rates and that makes this site unique in these categories. If you are a math lover, you can solve math problems online and get paid for it.

7. Start a Blog: You can start your own blog and sell courses to your blog visitors. There are many websites where free and paid courses are available. For example, Anunaad Academy is an online music school where you can find Hindi songs piano notes for practice. This site also offers online singing classes. So the rule is that you offer something for free and once you got some good students you can convert them into a paid client. Also. You can monetize your site or blog through Google Adsense and make money online through ads. Here is an article on how to start a blog in 2021 that makes 3000$ per month.

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In this article, you have learned about Best Online Teaching Job Sites to start your career as an online teacher. if you follow the rules mentioned above, then you can easily earn a good income sitting at home and fulfill all your dreams. Ajanabha provides you useful information to make money online without investments and become successful in life. Please subscribe to us to receive regular updates about our new life-changing articles. Thank you for visiting our blog, we wish you good luck.

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