Best Programming Language For Android Games in 2022

In a very less time, the Android phone market has heavily spread throughout the globe. One of the major reasons behind this rising popularity is that Android possesses several functionalities.

A vast majority of people are making use of Android to play games. The craze of Android games is not only prevalent among children but also adults. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is, even several individuals have become addicted to these Android games. It has allowed people to think that how these Android games were made.

If you are passionate about technology, then you may also be willing to know about this. Well, the straight and simple answer to this question is that programming languages are something that contributes to building Android games. In the technology market, you will find the availability of many types of programming languages that aid in the creation of these games.

So, in this guide, we will focus on talking about some of those popular programming languages which you can use for building Android games. Not only that, but we will also try to make it clear which of these languages will work best for your Android game development.

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Now, let’s get started with our detailed discussion about programming language.


Game development is regarded as the process in which games are built. The workload of the game developers is extremely high when compared to the other developers. It is specifically because, in the case of game development, you need to write the codes along with many other tasks. The primary focus of a game developer is on multiple things which include player engagement, level creation, reward points, gaming mechanics, user interface, and a lot more.

It is clear from some stats, that there is the availability of almost 700+ programming languages, but among those, only a few can be utilized for the creation of games. Now, let’s continue our discussion by having a close look at the top programming languages for Android games.

Top Android Game Programming Languages









·C# (C Sharp)


So, these are some of the widely used programming languages that game developers make use of. Want to know about some of these in detail? Don’t worry, we will discuss these programming languages and help you to determine which one will work best in the Android game creation process.


It is one of the most renowned options among the developers’ community which is popularly known as a multi-paradigm as well as an advanced programming language. You can use this scripting language for both the back as well as the front portion of any website. The best part is that you can create different types of games with JavaScript for several platforms. The developers can use the libraries provided by it to make appealing games.


Ruby is known to be a general-purpose and high-level programming language that is supported on diverse platforms. This can be effectively used for the creation of Android and iOS apps. In some of the cases, you will find the utilization of this language in the creation of games.


This programming language is generally utilized for web development. But, the developers can also make Android games with its help. It is most preferable for the server position. Also, it is utilized in different game engines.


Being a general-purpose and high-level programming language, many of the developers are utilizing it for creating Android games. Although very slow, this programming language possesses has rapid prototyping. It means that you can create a game by declaring a mall piece of code or prototype.


This programming language can be utilized in different areas with its help, you can create games, mobile apps, web-based apps, graphical users interfaces, business apps, etc. As it is multithreading as well as sockets, and so, it is proved to be very helpful for game programmers.


It is one of the most preferred ones for creating Android games. The developers can make use of it instead of Java programming as it is a kind of general-purpose and cross-platform programming language. The main advantage of it over the Java programming language is that, unlike Java, you do not have to write multiple lines of code, but you can write the same code amount in a single line. Its syntax is also easier for the developers.


The developers can make use of this lightweight and high-level programming language for creating games. It can be specifically used within cross platforms. Any new programmer can easily learn this particular language. It is known to be the most recognized scripting programming language utilized for creating games.


A lot of the developers go for this option whenever it comes to making web-based apps, software as well as creating games. Being a versatile and general-purpose programming language, the developers can use this option for developing games for browsers. Other than that, it is also used for creating graphics, compilers, databases, applications, etc. It is very fast and compilers are very good in this case and so, it helps in the fast compilation of the code.

C# Or C Sharp

It is considered to be a kind of object-oriented programming language and its developer is Microsoft itself. The file extension of C# is .csx. By utilizing this, the developers can create many things including games, windows apps, web apps, etc.

One of the significant advantages offered by this programming language is that it offers a kind of framework that aids in effortlessly creating games. It also works when combined with the Unity game engine.


It can be used for creating Android games and it works in combination with Unity Game Engine. Created by Apple, this multi-paradigm and general-purpose programming language can be utilized for creating iOS as well as Android apps.

Among all the discussed ones, the most popular among the Android game developers are as follows:


·C# Or C Sharp





Which One Is The Best Programming Language For Games?

With the availability of several programming languages, sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which one is best among those. As per our recommendation, Java is still considered to be the best one for creating Android games whereas Swift is the best one for making Apple games.

In A Nutshell

So, we hope, after reading this article, you have got an understanding of some of the best programming languages that can be utilized for creating Android games. Among all of these programming languages, the most utilized ones among the Android game developers are C++, C Sharp, Python, Java, etc.

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