How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India (Case Study)

If you are a Youtuber and want to know how much youtube pay for 1000 views in India in rupees, this article is for you. Keep reading to know 2020’s perfect case study that will help you not only to understand the youtube earning module but also to increase your own YouTube earning.

How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India ? Know the fact and improve your YouTube earnings through the right YouTube keyword research tool. Yes now it’s possible to rank higher in YouTube SERP.

There is a big debate on how much money do YouTubers make in India and that’s why we decided to clear all your doubts through this article. Now as a disclaimer we can say that no survey is 100% correct in this case as YouTube pays as per the advertiser’s PPC ( Pay per click ) so the rates vary from channel to channel and video to video.

Generally YouTube revenue depends on the following factors.

  • Type of channel: YouTube revenue depends on channel type as it is one of the most important factors for advertisers to display their ads. Generally Technology, Finance, Games, Apps, Insurance, loans related YouTube channels receive higher CPC than other niches.
  • Type of video: This is also an important factor for YouTube revenue, for example, an educational video ” how to become successful ” is likely to earn more revenue than another video ” Success affirmations ” because an educational video has a face and will get similar ads from other motivational speakers.
  • Length of video: Suppose Mr. Ram has a video that is 9 minutes long and Mr. Shyam has a video that is 30 minutes long, in this case, Mr. Shyam will earn more revenue because he can place multiple ads break that will multiply his income.
  • Video category: Similar to the type of video, the video category is a factor that is used by advertisers for placing ads so higher video categories mean higher revenue. For example, Mr. Ram has a travel YouTube channel and Mr. Shyam has a cooking channel and both receives traffic from India only, In this case, Mr. Ram may earn more revenue than Mr. Shyam because his channel is a travel channel so he may get advertisements related to holidays packages, airlines, hotels booking and other premium services that pay higher PPC rate to AdSense.
  • Viewers location ( Country ): suppose Mr. Ram has a cooking channel where he teaches how to cook tasty Indian food, here his target audiences are from India because he is talking about Indian recipes. Now in the second example, Mr. Shyam has a cooking channel where he makes videos on how to cook the Hamburger which is a popular American food. Both the channels are Indian and both have the same categories but their target audiences are different, In this case, Mr. Shyam whose target audiences come from the USA is going to earn higher revenue comparison to Mr. Ram. This happens because a holiday package starts from 50,000 and may go up to a few lakhs where a kitchen appliance may range from 100 rupees to 5000 rupees, it is observed that the nature of business affects advertiser’s investment behaviors.
  • Engagement rate: YouTube places higher CPC ads on those videos which are engaging and relevant to the advertiser’s product and this is another factor of revenue shared by YouTube with different channels. Audience retention of 50% and above is considered a good engagement in YouTube.

Now Its time to answer the million dollar question, how much money do youtubers make in India. Ready? Let’s start.

How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Views In India

The answer is like this if the earning depends on YouTube revenue an Indian YouTuber is going to make around 3-5% revenue in most cases that means for 1000 views around 30-50 in INR. In some cases, it may be up to 10-20 percent of the views if the target keywords have a higher CPC. it may be more Remember as we told earlier that this may vary from person to person depending on the factors we have mentioned above.

How to increase youtube revenue

You might be thinking that this is not a good income, yes you are right! we suggest you add more methods to make money from YouTube because Adsense is not the single method to make money from YouTube. You can consider adding These two methods to earn higher income from YouTube are as follows.

  • Sponsorship: You can make a handsome income from sponsorship, in fact, this is the most popular method used by YouTubers to make money.
  • Affiliate: In India, you can join an Amazon affiliate to sell physical goods and if you want to sell digital products there are many affiliates like commission junctions, Clickbank, Shareasale, etc.

Another method to increase YouTube revenue is to make videos on such topic that is watched worldwide, remember if some percentage of your views comes from USA and UK, your revenue is likely to be higher than other YouTubers. Finally, if you are not getting enough views on your YouTube videos, we recommend using TubeBuddy to optimize your videos. TubeBuddy is a YouTube SEO toolkit that helps your videos rank on YouTube and Google. This is certified by YouTube so you can trust this tool.

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I hope this article will help you to understand how much youtube pays for 1000 views in India and how much do YouTubers earn in India. I have written a dedicated article on how to increase YouTube views, you can read this below. Please subscribe to Ajanabha to receive regular updates about blogging tips, SEO tips, and make money online ideas. Thank you for reading this blog, keep learning to keep earning.

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