How To Download GB WhatsApp in 2021

In this article, you will learn all about GB Whatsapp and how to download GB Whatsapp.


WhatsApp is a top-rated USA-based messaging application for Android and iOS, currently owned by Social Media App Facebook, which provides many features like free text messaging, voice messaging, video messaging, voice calling, video calling, status sharing, etc.

The app is enormously used in India, and every single citizen has it on their smartphone. This application makes communication so easy and convenient that people prefer WhatsApp over any other messaging application nowadays.

However, there are still some users for whom the application somehow failed to meet their expectations, and they wanted to have the application get equipped with more features. So, some came up with the idea and created a clone, or as known as a modified version of WhatsApp, called GB WhatsApp.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a clone application for the original WhatsApp, which can ultimately be seen as a modified version of WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has no connections with the actual application and its creators, but this provides several more features that appeal to the users causing them to download this version instead of the original one.

Features Of GB WhatsApp

Dual Accounts

Nowadays, when people are using smartphones, there is a common feature in them known as Dual sim or options of using more than one SIM card. In such cases, people like to keep their contact and business- or work-related contact numbers separately.

The same goes with the widely used WhatsApp, where at some point we wished to have different accounts for work and personal contacts. So here, GB WhatsApp came forward and provided this feature where you can have two separate contacting accounts according to your convenience of private life and work.

Hidden Read Receipts

There are some circumstances where we do not want to share our read receipts with a particular person or anyone. There could be some situations where we prefer not to share whether we read a message sent by a specific person or not, especially in business-related fields when you receive a notice and, for some reason, are not prepared to answer immediately.

You do not want to look arrogant or rude by not responding to a message after being visible to the sender that you have already read the notice. The double ticks on the far-right corner of the chatbox are a type of indicator to confirm whether the receiver has read your messages or not. If the tick is single, that means the message has not been delivered yet.

If the gray ticks turn double, that means the message has been delivered, and when the double ticks turn blue, that means the receiver has read your notice. So, in GB WhatsApp, there is an option of hiding the blue ticks where you do not allow the sender to know that you have already read their message and cannot reply immediately. There will be only gray double ticks visible on the sender’s screen, and it will not turn blue until the receiver allows it to, even after the receiver’s reply.

Longer Status Posting

One of the drawbacks of the original WhatsApp is that you can post only 30 seconds of your status. Suppose there is any vital information in video form that you wish to share with your contacts through a status update. In that case, you will not share it properly because the video is longer than 30 seconds. that is where GB WhatsApp stepped up and provided the feature of sharing long-duration videos on your statuses.

But in a little psychological way, people do not like to watch any random video for more than 30 seconds unless it holds some vital information or something that matches their interest. This feature can be good but may not be very useful.

Sending High-Quality Pictures and Videos

another minus point of the original WhatsApp application is that whenever you try to send a picture or a video, the app always reduces the quality of the image and the video ruining the experience for the receiver when he receives a low-quality file. Ngb WhatsApp, however, you are allowed to send the video and picture in their original resolution, which keeps the quality of the file and does not limit your experience to enjoy them.

The original WhatsApp also does not allows you to send files more significant than a certain quality, but in GB WhatsApp, there are no such limitations. You can send big files conveniently, and the receiver can download the big files easily.


Who does not like personalizing their stuff according to their preferences? Be it their favorite color or any design that suits your personality. One of the most appealing features of GB WhatsApp is getting unlimited personalized themes. In the original version of WhatsApp, we see the standard default green-colored theme, which cannot be changed.

The only thing we can change in the original WhatsApp is the dark and light theme. But in GB WhatsApp, this modified version of WhatsApp provides you the unlimited type of different colored and designed pieces that users can download and apply according to their liking and personality, whichever they preferred.

This feature alone can be so appealing to the users that it will be enough to ditch the original WhatsApp and switch to GB WhatsApp. It can be an aesthetics theme or a dark theme, can be related to nature or tech; GB WhatsApp has it all for users to enjoy while using the application.

Copy Status

Sometimes one of our contacts posts status in the form of text that you like. It could be any quote from your favorite writer or any lines from poems, songs, or something informative which caught your attention. You want to copy it, but the original WhatsApp does not allow that, so in the end, you end up with either a screenshot or swipe past.

In GB Whatsapp, however, you have the freedom to actually copy that status posted by someone else and use it however the way you wish to use it. This is another convenient way that does not fill your storage with unnecessary screenshots.

These features are included in this alternate version of WhatsApp GB, which users find appealing and choose to download this version of WhatsApp instead of the original one.

GB WhatsApp APK Download – How To Download GB WhatsApp

This application is merely a clone application that the original WhatsApp Inc. does not authorize; therefore, you will not find this application in Play Store. Due to that, the GB WhatsApp needs to be downloaded by using APK. If somebody wants to download GB WhatsApp, then they will have to go through the website.

GB WhatsApp Download 2021

To download GB WhatsApp latest version, try these steps:

  • The first step to search for any implies Google search “GB WhatsApp,” and the first result will most likely take you to the GB WhatsApp download APK link.
  • You can browse the other stores suitable for Android and iOS, which have the application available for free of cost and provides GB WhatsApp’s latest version and actual results.
  • Click on the GB WhatsApp APK download link and make sure it does not direct you to any malicious website.
  • Follow the steps and procedure on your screen to safely download the GB WhatsApp Latest version on your Android or iOS device.
  • Open the app, and the rest of the procedure is similar to the original WhatsApp. Enter your basic information like Name, contact number. Add your profile picture etc. Sync it with your contacts, and you are ready to go.

GB WhatsApp For PC

This version of WhatsApp is also available for PC. Still, GB Whatsapp cannot be used similarly that the original WhatsApp can be used on a PC using one of the features in the original WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp web. Using WhatsApp Web, you can easily connect with the PC by scanning a QR code provided by the application. Then all your WhatsApp information, including the chat history, will be displayed on your computer screen.

However, in GB WhatsApp, to bring all your information to your computer, you will need an emulator to download GB WhatsApp on PC.

Please search for a genuine emulator (For Example, Bluestacks) that can help you run the application on your PC in a similar way it has been downloaded on your mobile phone.

Open the similar GB WhatsApp APK link that you used on your phone to download the application using Google Chrome to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp.

Suppose you’re using Bluestacks; after downloading the APK link of the latest version GB WhatsApp, open your emulator and import the downloaded GB WhatsApp APK file from windows through “Media Manager” in the system app within the emulator.

After the application has been downloaded and installed, follow the similar steps as you did on your phone, and your GB WhatsApp will be ready to run on your PC as well. (However, the data will not be synced if you already have an account on another device. If you sign in on PC using the same number, then the previous device’s account will be terminated.)

These were the steps to download GB WhatsApp on your phone and PC. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you to download and use this application conveniently on your phone and PC.


The above information is only for educational purposes. We do not, in any way, advise or encourage you to download applications that are not authorized by the original incorporation or are clones of a particular application. Readers are advised to take precautions and be careful while using such applications. Thank You.

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