How to write a Resume That Can Get You a Job Faster – Best Resume Format

In this article, You will learn how to write a resume for a job. Do you know that a well-written resume is highly recommended to increase the chances of your selection? Read these pro tips and write a resume that keeps you apart from other candidates.

The first impression is the last impression

A Well stated fact which implies that no matter how good or average you perform in your latter activities, the display you presented at the very first meeting will always leave a mark on your personality in the eyes of the ones who witnessed. It can easily apply a great impact on your life or career whatsoever. Therefore, the first impression needs to be very careful and right.

The above-stated statement is most commonly applied during jobs and job interviews. How you dress, how you present yourself, how much confidence and knowledge you possess. But before the interviews and other stuff, comes a very important step which we commonly tend to not pay much attention to. The Resume. A piece of paper containing your whole life experience which you believe can be useful in your job hunting.

Finding a job can be a difficult task if this first step isn’t taken correctly. Writing a resume seems to be an easy task as you have all information about yourself right on your fingertips, just type them down on paper, right? Well for the interviewee, it can be a piece of cake, but for an interviewer, it could be total chaos as too often resumes are filled with a few unnecessary pieces of information. And due to that, the chances of getting the job reduces by a few per cent.

Here are a few tips on how to write a resume that can give a good impression and will possibly increase your chances of getting the job quickly.


Your appearance surely matters but so does the paper you are presenting in front of the interviewer. The first and foremost things about a resume are the appearance of the paper.  How should you decide the resume is going to look?

Here are few steps.

  • Always use the standard A4 sized white sheet paper.
  • Choose a simple-looking format but it must not be too plain.
  • If you are adding a picture of yourself, use a decent looking passport size picture based on your current look. (Example: Glasses, beard etc)
  • Avoid using flashy fonts and colours.
  • Avoid using unnecessary symbols or patterns to make the paper appear crowded.
  • Use header and footer for better appearance.
  • You can also use themes according to your profession but make sure they are complementary and not too over the top.

Personal Info

Start the resume by mentioning your personal info. Your contact information and basic personal info like.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

These are supposedly enough for a normal resume. Can also mention Father’s name but that can be optional. Unnecessary information like zodiac signs, religion, blood type etc is not required. Personal info is only there for the interviewer to contact you conveniently. Try not to be confused between a resume for a job and biodata for marriage. Contact information should be minimum but essential.

A Precise Work Experience and Achievements Summary

Sometimes resumes with many pages can seem appealing but filling it with unnecessary information can be confusing for the interviewer especially when the contents are not related to the job requirement. The information mentioned should be related to the job you are going to be interviewing for. Surely you must have won many certificates in something artistic activity in your past, but if the job is not about art and artistic then this information is just filling your paper. If according to you the information is worth mentioning then all you can do is mention the same along with other similar achievements you got in the past.

For Example instead of…

  • Won certificate in XYZ art competition.
  • Won medal in ABC cooking contest.
  • Achieved 2nd place in a racing tournament.

You can Write ” Obtained multiple certificates and medals in additional co-curricular activities like art, cooking and athletics ” Summarizing is the key to convenience, it is correct, precise and does not lessen your achievements in any way.

Job Hops

If you are a fresher then this will not be an issue for you but if you have work experiences from different workplaces and that too for a short period of time in each of them, you may want to be careful about mentioning that in your resume as job-hopping is sometimes frowned upon by the employers. It implies disloyalty to your current job and it also appears to them that you may possess some major negative traits that caused your instability in one job. If you have mentioned this in your resume, then you should better prepare a good answer when being questioned about it.


Sometimes in our educational life span of approximately 15 years, our area of interest often changes. But still, it does not change your current requirement for a certain profession. Make sure to mention all your educational qualifications along with self-attested proofs. The proofs help the interviewer to confirm your authenticity and build a sense of trust and honesty. You certainly would not want to let go of this little step that also will help you get the job faster.


If you are publishing your resume on digital platforms then keywords related to the profession play a very important role in it. Never forget to mention the main keywords that are related to your job. For Example: If you are looking for a job as a developer, mention the keywords like Developer, .net developer, java developer, programmer, web designer etc.

If you have a specific position in mind then you can also mention keywords related to it. Example: Manager, senior manager etc.


In the hobbies section, our minds just explode with what we should mention. Hobbies are something you immensely enjoy and can not keep yourself from mentioning them whenever asked about. But in a job resume, you need to be very specific about mentioning them. Not to worry, we are not suggesting mentioning lesser hobbies, but what is advisable here is mentioning those hobbies primarily which can be useful in the eyes of the interviewer.

For example, if the job is related to computers, mention the computer-related hobbies first which you enjoy and will be useful in your job and after that, you can mention the rest of your favourite times. Hobbies reflect our personalities so do not hesitate to mention them as they can build a much clearer picture of you in front of the interviewer.

Qualities and Shortcomings

This is one of the very important pieces of information you need to be specifically careful about. As we are talking about the first impression being the last impression, so you need to occupy that first impression section primarily with your good qualities. Psychology proves that if your good traits are mentioned first then it will leave a positive impact on the interviewer and then later on even if they went through your shortcomings, then it will not do much damage. Another note you need to take about your shortcomings is that try to mention your negative aspect as if they are implying to bring out a positive result.

For Example:

  • I have a lack of patience (Wrong)
  • I am a little short in patience as I prefer to complete my tasks as soon as possible without further delay to avoid wasting time. (Right)

And like this even if you mentioned a shortcoming of yours but that also gave an impression of a good trait.

With these steps, we hope that you will get a job faster. Job hunting is not easy and having an exceptional resume might not 100% confirms your employment but it certainly adds up a few percentages you already have about getting the job. Hopefully, the steps are helpful in your job hunting and you soon find a job you always dreamed of.

Bonus Tips:- Social Media Platforms

Social media sites related to job hunting and career are a huge help in today’s digital world. Make sure to create an account on websites like Linkedin, Hirist and Naukri etc to increase your chances of getting selected. Attach your well-prepared resume to those platforms for employers to get detailed information about you, through such platforms you will be able to connect with many companies and businesses vastly around the globe which most definitely increases your chances of getting the job faster. Recruiters commonly prefer to go through these profiles for a better knowledge of the candidate.

Best Resume Format PDF Download

This is the best resume format in pdf. Click on the download button to download it and create your own resume according to the given format.


I hope this article will help you learn how to write a resume that increases your chances of getting a job. If you have any questions in your mind, you can ask in the comment and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for reading this article, we wish you a happy and successful life.

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