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In this digital world if you want to make your career in the field of IT (Information Technology) then BCA Course is your pathway. Here, we’ll see the benefits of BCA and understand how will this course make you land your dream job.


Computer Science Application encompasses a variety of topics that are related to computation like analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware. Computer Science has its origins in electrical engineering, mathematics, and electronics.

There’s a lot of demand for BCA courses currently and it’s adding rapidly because of its benefits. It’s an undergraduate course that deals with the operation of computers and computer programming. It deals with computer science and a lot of further stuff about it similar to programming and all.

What is BCA?

Bachelor of Computer and Application (BCA) is a three-year certificate in computers and its varied operations will allow you to shape your career in IT operation.

Because of the development of data invention industries, there’s a colossal demand for BCA Graduates in India as well as abroad. All the aspirants are advised to opt for the course of BCA after their advanced education, i.e. 10 2.

The program delivers hi-tech knowledge of distinct computer languages like JAVA, PHP,etc. with the basic abstract knowledge of Computer Applications.

The subjects contain operations systems, database operation, software design, logical analysis, and client-server technology, Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced), World-Wide- Web, Networking, Data Structure, Advanced C Language Programming, Mathematics, Visual Basic, Object Acquainted Programming using C, Programming applying PHP, Oracle, JAVA, Web Scripting, and Development, etc.

Benefits Of BCA

Needed Low Investment

As compared to the other courses like Bachelor of Technology, the investment in BCA is relatively lower. This means that you get to study closely the same course at an affordable fee. The course suits those individuals the best who are interested in affairs related to computers but couldn’t go to go for an engineering course. Also, for admirable scholars learning are awarded which makes its cost indeed lower.

A Multi-Faceted Career

There’s a growing need for good computer masterminds and a BCA can help you produce a multi-faceted career in the industry.However, in IT, finance, Ifyou hold a BCA degree you can be employed in these emplacements’ healthcare. So if you need a degree that has different openings for you then a BCA is the right option for you.

Paid Internships at Top IT Companies

Since the BCA degree is so universal, multiplex IT companies hire professionals to work with them. Some topmost IT companies indeed offer paid internships to bright scholars pursuing BCA so that they can prepare these scholars professionally and take up them into the workforce after they’ve completed their education. Such an opportunity will help you make job skills and gain a steady paycheck when pursuing your education.

Good Networking Opportunities

Since a stand-alone BCA degree can open up great openings for you early on in your career through compensated internships and economic job opportunities as a fresher, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to produce a great professional network. This network will help you make a career from the ground up, and when you’re looking for a shift in the industry this network will help you in finding the exact job in the industry over the cycles.

Good Scope For Higher Studies

After getting a bachelorette’s degree in Computer Applications, you have the chance of going for advanced studies and the best part is that the course options available after this program are far further than other prominent undergraduate courses.

The positions that one can try for after this course are also large in number. This way, electing a career won’t be a problematic task for scholars as all of its domains are equivalently profitable.

Post-graduation options include Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), Masters in Computer Management (MCM), Masters in Information Management (MIM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), etc. All of these programs hold one to a good place and the career starts with a smash. From there, it depends on the individual at what level they could take themselves with their knowledge and their work.

Career After BCA Course:

  • Software Analyst
  • Technical Outsourcing
  • Computer System Organizer
  • Networking Managers
  • Developers
  • Freelancer


Some of the popular specializations available in BCA are:

  • BCA Professional
  • BCA International
  • BCA Data Analytics
  • BCA Internet of Things (IoT)
  • BCA Cloud Computing
  • BCA Cognitive Systems
  • BCA Artificial Intelligence
  • BCA Game Software and Mobile Development
  • BCA Intelligence Process Automation
  • BCA Mobile Application and Information Security
  • BCA Cloud Computing and Cyber Security
  • BCA Mobile Application and Cloud Technology
  • BCA Cloud Technology and Information Security
  • BCA UI & UX
  • BCA Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  • BCA Big Data/Machine Learning
  • BCA Data Science

Top BCA Institute In India

Now if you have made up your mind and decided to pursue the BCA course. Here is the list of the top 10 colleges which provides you with a BCA course:

  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology – SRM University, Chennai
  • Koshys Institute of Management Studies
  • Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Noida
  • Chandigarh University (CU)
  • Christ University (CU), Bangalore
  • Department of Computer Application, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Birla Institute of Technology [BIT Mesra], Ranchi
  • Madras Christian College (MCC Madras), Chennai
  • Women’s Christian College, Chennai

Fee Structure for BCA

BCA Fee depends on the institute for which you are willing to apply. Factors such as the requisition for the institute course, faculty who teach in the institute, the infrastructure delivered by the institute, the position of the institute,etc., can impact the fee structure of the institute. The BCA course price in India ranges between INR to 2 LPA.

Salary of a BCA Graduate

According to Payscale, a BCA graduate’s average payment is INR3.7 LPA in India. This value can change depending on the city, years of expertise, designation, etc. There are a lof job openings for students in the field, as well as the option to study further. So if students gain additional experience or study more, by doing certificate courses and masters program, they can upmarket themselves.


I hope you properly understood the benefits of the BCA course and will think upon doing this course. Before enrolling do thorough research for this course, by doing this you’ll be very clear about what you are doing. Please subscribe to us via email to receive mail when we publish a new article, thank you for reading this article.

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