How To Play Ludo | Step By Step Tutorial

Ludo is one of the oldest games hailing from the Indian subcontinent. It was created way back in the 6th century and has lasted pretty well, outperforming most other contemporary board games. The glory of Ludo seems to be on a constant rise even in this new age of online gaming. In this article we will learn that how to play Ludo online.

No matter what format a game takes, it is crucial to understand where it is going and how it changes itself. So the first and most important thing to know about Ludo is the rules and regulations that govern the game. The ludo rules have evolved from the game of Pasha and gone through several changes to become the simplistic modern-day game that attained glorious heights under the lockdown period of 2021.

In this blog, let’s check out the basics of Ludo so that you are well aware of the rules and styles when going up against opponents in real life.

How To Play Ludo Game Like a Pro?

Beginning the Game

The game of Ludo can be initiated with a minimum of two people and a maximum of four. Each colored quadrant the players choose in Ludo has four spots where you have to align your four playing tokens or pieces. Remember that these pieces in the house are not yet ready to play. After each player has chosen one colored quadrant, the die is passed to each player to roll and get the correct figures to move out the pieces. In such circumstances, it doesn’t matter who goes first at this top lockdown game, as everyone has an equal chance for at least the first couple of rounds.

Roll the Dice

Any player on the board can roll the dice, and the game can move around in whichever order you desire. You can choose any arbitrary method to decide who starts the game on a Ludo board. For example, you can make it fair by letting the youngest player start or make it fun by allowing the tallest player to take the first hand. The player who scores the first six in the game can put his piece on the move.

Move Your Pieces

This is the decisive part of the Ludo match, as you have to use your wit and decision-making capabilities to move the pieces. The pieces in Ludo can only move forward, so each move has to be done in a very cautious manner. Since the playing method is circular, your rival may catch up to you and capture your pieces. Therefore, it is best to distribute the figures you get on your dice among your playable pieces on the board, and you are good to go as long as you are on the lookout.

Pass the Turn

The game of Ludo goes on regardless of whether you are making progress in your turn or not. You must pass on the turn if you do not score a six and cannot move out any pieces from your colored box. In some instances, most players have to sit for rounds until they finally get a six and move their pieces across the board. The player sitting next to you can only roll the dice after you have moved your piece according to the numbers that your dice rolled into. The game can move on both clockwise and anticlockwise, but it usually moves in a clockwise manner as that is a more preferable and conventional way of playing any board game.

Capture Opponents Pieces

After you have moved most of your pieces into the gameplay, it is an ideal time for you to chalk out a plan to win. To hinder your rivals’ progress, you have to take chances at capturing their pieces in all situations. You can get figures that make you land in the same place as your rival’s pawn. This is the only standard manner of capturing the piece and sending it back to the start. To open the same piece and put it back on the board, the opponent needs to throw a six on the dice again.


You can utilize this method to stop opponents from getting ahead in the game. It is a bit difficult, but it does happen if you are lucky with your figures on the board. First, you have to land two of your pieces on the same block to stack up over one another. This creates a block, and no pieces can pass through it unless you decide to move one of them and go forward on the board.

Finish at Your Home Grid

The Ludo game is a circle around the board, and your goal is to arrive at the colored patch of your home grid and finish the game there. Once you have pushed your pieces safely into the home grid, you have to play the right figures so they can enter the final box. To win the game, you must move all the pieces into the final box before your rivals.

Final Words

Ludo is one of the simplest games and requires no special skills. However, you have to be alert and aware of the moves you are making and be mindful of playing along the rules. If you know all the rules, your win is not guaranteed, but your chances of missing opportunities are greatly diminished. The rules mentioned encompass all that is there to Ludo, so here’s to hoping you have a great game ahead!

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